Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Colombia - Cartagena

Saturday and Sunday we spent in Cartagena. Cartagena is legendary for it´s well preserved colonial history. It was founded in 1533, and served as the main Spanish port on the Caribbean coast. Treasure plundered from the Indians was stored here until it could be shipped to Spain,and it also served as a center of slave trade. In the 17th century, a wall was constructed to encircle the entire city, protecting it from pirates and other attacks.

Present day Cartagena is beautiful, yet caters to wealthy Colombian and foreign tourists. Thus, it wasn´t exactly our cup of tea. We headed back toward Santa Marta for a couple days. Tomorrow Andy and I will fly to Cali, Colombia en route to Quito, Ecuador where we will meet up with Mary O´Donnell and hopefully Luis to travel in the sierra.

While I haven´t been real vigilant about updating this blog, I do keep up with uploading all my pictures (in case they decide to erase themselves from my memory card!) Just click the link in the right column and you will be directed to my photo site.

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