Friday, March 23, 2007

San Diego!

Allow me to backtrack to the week before I arrived in Ecuador. (March 15-20) I had the luck of staying with Natasha, my good friend whom I met here in Ecuador. She was a gracious hostess! She wouldn´t even let me sleep on the floor or the couch, despite my three (count ´em three) attempts in accordance with the norwegian ¨courtesy¨ I was taught, to trade places.

Now for those of you who don´t know Natasha, she is a New Yorker at heart, a delightfully opinionated woman, a most wonderful maker of organic healthy foods, and an exercise MACHINE. I went with her to her daily yoga classes (well, 3 times - that´s all I could muster). The 90 minute classes are made up of 26 often excruciating poses, which are done twice and held for too long while sweating bullets in a 100 degree room. I loved it! (Jan, you can probably identify with this. Although I did not fall over and hit the wall, ever). It whipped me into a little shape, but my left hand is still numb from crossing some nerves in my neck. ? In addition to yoga, we enjoyed an afternoon of wine tasting, some time on the cloudy beach (but I still managed to get a very uneven sunburn), a stop at a bluegrass festival, seeing a photography exhibit of work by Annie Leibovitz, grossology, and other lovely adventures.

It so happened that Liz (the lady!) was in San Diego on a visit as well. She was fun as always to hang out with. I got to see many of her old haunts from middle/high school years. Brilliant.

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